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Some photos I got yesterday.

East Ferry Road 9 May 1885
Name:  East Ferry Road 9 May 1885 W Whiffin.jpg
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Size:  64.8 KB

Blackwall Buildings, Fulbourne Street, just prior to demolition in 1969. Just to the right you can glimpse Brady Street Dwellings.
Name:  Fulbourne Street Blackwall Buildings 1969.jpg
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Size:  123.5 KB

Northumbria Street April 1947
Name:  Northumbria Street April 1947.jpg
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Size:  61.6 KB

Old Rose, The Highway in the 1930s and still open for business.
Name:  Old Rose The Highway 1930s.jpg
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Size:  100.9 KB

Orchard Place, Poplar c1924
Name:  Orchard Place c1924 W Whiffin.jpg
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Size:  95.1 KB

Sheba Street, 1976 these were just off Buxton Street.
Name:  Sheba Street 23 November 1976 01.jpg
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Spital Square from Folgate Street 1944
Name:  Spital Square 13 November 1944.jpg
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Size:  78.7 KB

The Britannia, Clifton Street c1930s
Name:  The Britannia Clifton Street 1930s.jpg
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Size:  98.8 KB

and in 2009.
Name:  The Britannia Clifton Street 2009.JPG
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Size:  88.7 KB

The Clare Hall, Oxford Street (now called Stepney Way). This was probably late 1920s
Name:  The Clare Hall Oxford Street Stepney 1930s 01.jpg
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Size:  99.6 KB

and again in the 1930s/40s after it was rebuilt. It is still there easily recognisable but is now a Perfect Fried Chicken outlet (or something like that)
Name:  The Clare Hall Oxford Street Stepney 1930s 02.jpg
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The Crown and Shuttle, Shoreditch High Street 1930. The pub is still there but has long closed and looking very derelict.
Name:  The Crown and Shuttle Shoreditch High Street 1930s.jpg
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The Good Samaritan, Oxford Street (now Stepney Way) 1930s. Still there but rebuilt.
Name:  The Good Samaritan Oxford Street Stepney 1930s.jpg
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The Horse and Groom, Church Lane (now Whitechurch Lane) 1930s. Now called The Bar Locks. I posted a recent photo about 3 weeks ago.
Name:  The Horse and Groom Whitechurch Lane 1930s.jpg
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Wellclose Square 1 September 1911
Name:  Wellclose Square number 27 1 September 1911.jpg
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and Wheler Street, looking towards Spitalfields Market c1920
Name:  Wheler Street c1920 W Whiffin.jpg
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