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Originally Posted by Simon Wood View Post
Hi David,

Documentary evidence is most decidedly my cup of Earl Grey. I have acres of the stuff nestling on a cloud server.
Strange then that you don't use very much of it in your book, preferring to rely on a string of inaccurate newspaper reports and an overactive imagination.

Originally Posted by Simon Wood View Post
But one thing I have learned is that in any given situation government ministers, civil servants and policemen more or less tell each other what they expect to hear in order to construct a credible official narrative.
I don't know where you learned that Simon but it seems to confirm what I said about you: documentary evidence is not your cup of tea. You prefer to ignore it when it doesn't fit in with your view of the world.

But if you were to use a little bit of common sense you would appreciate that there is no possibility that the internal correspondence in the confidential Foreign Office files relating to Pigott is untrue or an "attempt to construct a credible official narrative". The fact that you are unable to state why you think it is untrue or what really happened speaks volumes.

Originally Posted by Simon Wood View Post
The interesting Parnell and WM stuff remains unavailable, but luckily not everything has been redacted.

Are you back to talking in riddles? Previously you said "Three" as if that had meaning, now you say "52983", what do you mean?
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