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Originally Posted by robert newell View Post
Hi Phil.. Good luck. It must be tough to sell your books. I collect original Beatles memorabila and have decided to sell most of my collection. Your getting through selling your books will help me take that step! Tell me it only hurts for a wee bit!!!...Robert
Hello Robert,

I can admit to supplying you with an even better comparison. 16 years ago, I sold 99% of my entire record collection. As I had been involved in the music business for 21 years, with just about every single that ever charted in the UK charts, and many many rare records (including a couple of rare Beatles records (no...not THE acetate (internal joke folks) many thousands of albums...totalling 32,000 pieces of vinyl...yes, it is possible to get through it.. I regretted it 6 months later..for a few days.. then just got over it. I kept my favourite records only. You'll do it! Try to sell all to one collector.. splitting the lot up will make it more painful...

best wishes

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