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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Anderson did suggest this as a possible route in Blackwoods, pt. VI, March 1910; "..provided the publishers would accept all responsibility in view of a possible libel action."

I assumed that, 1) they never did, or that, 2) this was a ploy by Anderson to cover the fact he was only guessing at the identity of the killer.

Jon S.
Hello Jon,

The lack of comment after Blackwood's would suggest that publishers did consider it- and may well have realised, or been told, that Anderson was combining his penchant for 'moral guilt' and an unfinished, unprovable story.

The question always returns to Anderson's words. Are they trustworthy? Are they embellished? Are they wishful thinking? Are they made to make him look better? Are they false?

To me, opinion only- the way Anderson embellished and changed the manner of his departure from Scotland Yard, as proven by Simon Wood's research of official papers has shown Anderson's clear first impulse to colour his own reputation.

I therefore suggest that Anderson's words are not trustworthy, making the original question by c.d. redundant, imho.

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