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Originally Posted by AmericanSherlock View Post
That is the aspect that I think is the best about the discussion here and your books; everything is being questioned. It feels much more "3 dimensional" and I think a more modern approach.

I am not married to WHW's guilt or him acting alone BTW. It is what I think currently is the BEST theory (and I do think it is >50 percent likelihood). But, my mind is totally open to new information or new ways of viewing the whole picture.
AS, I certainly do not have conviction in any of the theories. Today, police would TIE - Trace, Incriminate or Eliminate. I suggest, Wallace and Parry were never both eliminated from being involved, and neither was fully incriminated. The key for Wallace is MONDAY night. If he was observed (say by a conductor) getting on a tram or bus near the kiosk, I suggest this would be decisive evidence that he lied and acted alone. Parry had to be checked out for both nights, I suggest. I'm sure the police would have solved this case today, at least one of the two main suspects would have been properly eliminated... unless Lily Hall did recognise Wallace and Gannon is looking in the right direction. I have an exhibit "Conversation in the Dark" that examines Hall's evidence.
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