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Default No Vote -- Fingernail marks

After reading through Information on Alice McKenzie and pondering it, I have arrived at a "no" it's not likely she was a victim of the man we call Jack the Ripper.

My no is based on Dr. George Bagster Phillips' inquest testimony on Day 3, Wednesday, August 14th, 1889:

There were five marks on the abdomen, and, with the exception of one, were on the left side of the abdomen. The largest one was the lowest, and the smallest one was the exceptional one mentioned, and was typical of a finger-nail mark. They were coloured, and in my opinion were caused by the finger-nails and thumb nail of a hand. I have on a subsequent examination assured myself of the correctness of this conclusion.

[Coroner] Are the injuries to the abdomen similar to those you have seen in the other cases? - No, Sir. I may volunteer the statement that the injuries to the throat are not similar to those in the other cases.



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