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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
Hi Steve,
What makes you think the press would have attacked Mizen? PC Long's failure to follow up properly on the apron piece was arguably far more serious, yet aside from the direct inquest coverage he doesn't seem to have attracted the ire of the press or public, nor was he reprimanded, as far as we know.

Hi Joshua,

fair question.
I think that is down to how we view the two incidents, its interpretation is it not?
I do not consider Long did that much wrong, however my take on Mizen is that he did far more which could be portrayed as being wrong.
The Lloyds article sets the tone, be it right or wrong, for this purpose it reliability is not important, it was highly critical of the police, particularly Mizen, suggesting incompetence and more.
If this was then viewed as being supported by Mizen's actions, following the meeting with the Carmen, we have an increasingly hostile climate, specifically relating to one police officer.

And just let me add, I think Mizen was not a bad man, just think he made an error of judgement.

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