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Originally Posted by John G View Post
Hi Steve,

When you write "outed as a suspect" are you referring to PC Mizen? Or have a completely misunderstood?
no sorry, not writing clear, just got up when i posted is only excuse.
I meant before Lechmere, Mizen has never been a suspect has far as I know
Originally Posted by John G View Post
Interestingly, I've found a thread in which David argued that PC Mizen would not have been in breach of police regulations by failing to take names and addresses:

However, whilst that might be technically correct, in light of what subsequently transpired it may be that his superiors would have taken a dim view of his failure to interrogate the men more closely. Or at least that could have been PC Mizen's conclusion.

I agree John, procedurally he may have followed guidelines, but that would not be how it may appear in the press, his superiors may not have wanted such trouble, he may well have supposed.

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