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Default Minor Rules--but Important!

Please keep in mind when posting on the Jack the Ripper (non Pub Talk) threads that these posts are archived and saved for years. Therefore, personal arguments, off-topic comments and other non-relevant information is subject to be moved or deleted without notice. Pub Talk is generally considered a "free for all" with very little moderator intervention because those threads are periodically deleted from the database.

1. Don't hijack threads with theory bias or with other off topic commentary.
2. Don't post off-topic/silly or inane posts or attachments in any forum other than Pub Talk.
3. Don't load any attachments that are not JtR related content onto the forums--this overloads the servers unnecessarily. If you wish to post an off-topic attachment, please use another hosting company to host the image.
4. Don't deliberately stray off topic on Ripper related threads--natural evolution of threads will of course happen, but if you need to make an abrupt subject switch based on content in a post, create a new thread and refer to/quote the original post.
5. Don't post spam/advertisements.

Posts that violate these rules are subject to be deleted or moved without prior warning. Repeated violations will result in action from the Admin to prevent future violations.

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