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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Thanks Harry
I never considered Jacob levy a valid suspect before.Nothing ties him to the case. Until it was found that his cousin might be one of the mitre square witnesess.

Has it been conclusively established they were cousins? if so that's a bigee for me-because now he does have an actual connection to the case, even if its peripheral.
Hi, Abby. I'm interested in your mentioning a "connection to the case" as a metric to determine validity as a "suspect". Obviously, you feel that Cross has a connection in that he was recorded as having discovered Nichols' body, he appeared at the inquest, etc., and thus you feel he's a valid suspect.

I assume that you might initially view men like - to name only a few - John Richardson, George Hutchinson, perhaps Morris Eagle, and Joe Barnett with suspicion, as well. Perhaps excluding them for reasons that can't be applied to Cross. How is Cross a more likely killer than these men? What have you seen - beyond his connection to the case - that leads you to believe he may have been guilty of (at the very least) Nichols' murder?

I'm interested because I put little stock in "connection to the case", that is unless the connection leads somewhere. I feel as if searching the ledger for the names of witnesses to cast as the killer leads to the same kind of thing - though often not nearly as absurd - we've seen with well known individuals of the time being placed "under suspicion. Prince Albert. Gull. Sickert. Carrol. Van Gough. For me it seems as if we become guilty of shrinking the our world to a handful of people, all known to us, either through celebrity or some "connection to the case". Forgetting that about six million people lived in and around London in 1888.

My own perspective is quite different from yours. I feel as if "Jack the Ripper's" true name is one we haven't heard, and it's one we'll never learn. I'm far more intrigued by names that come to us because they committed violent acts, crimes, or were committed or incarcerated for mental illness. Then we search for connections to the case. A geographic connection. Some connection to a victim, etc. Names like Hyam Hyams. David Cohen. Kosmisky. Levy. These names hold more fascination for me than names like Lechmere. I put very little stock in ANY of them having been "the Ripper", but I still have some interest in them, if that makes sense.


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