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Originally Posted by Richard Patterson View Post
No. He did not say at "at some point' you misquote him, he said 'before now'.

No. You are speculating to say the repeated experiments happened on the streets. He said, in the same letter, that a beard made him looked like an escaped convict and because that is very opposite thing that a man on the streets would have wanted, your speculation is about the improbable.
I didn't misquote him, I paraphrased his statement. His precise words do not matter. The point is that he did not specify when he had shaved with a dissecting scalpel, so you have no evidence that he carried a knife in 1888. Or do you think that the phrase 'before now' can only relate to the period Aug - Nov, 1888?

Isn't it the case that during his homeless period he was ejected from the Guidhall Library because he looked so bedraggled? Clearly he was unable to keep himself looking decent during that time - but, of course, it's 'improbable' that he neglected to shave himself then.

Furthermore, you have no evidence that he was in the East End in 1888. The prostitute he was looking for had been based in Chelsea. Why would he look for her in Spitalfields?i

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