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Originally Posted by Keith Skinner View Post
It seemed that Henry F. is under the impression that Mike went looking for a Victorian diary before he contacted Doreen Montgomery - whereas the evidence suggests it was [i]after[i] he made the telephone call on March 9th 1992.
In point of fact, Keith, there is no evidence which suggests when Mike went looking for a Victorian diary or whether it was before or after his telephone call on 9th March 1992. To be able to say one way or the other, we would need to know the date when he instructed Martin Earl to obtain one on his behalf but, as I mentioned in my previous post, this has not been established. While I personally think it most likely that Mike made the call first and then instructed Earl this is mere supposition on my part. But I think it would have been uncontroversial for Henry to have asked this question:

Why did the liar and wannabe writer Mike Barrett go to some lengths to acquire a blank Victorian diary a short time before producing the Jack the Ripper Diary?

I'm looking forward to reading the answer.

Originally Posted by Keith Skinner View Post

Bookdealer stated on their compliment slip to Keith :-

“This issue went to press on the 12th March 1992. The previous issue would have gone to press on the 5th March 1992. Therefore, the copy had to have been received by us, either via the post or by fax, some time between the 6th and 12th March, 1992. The ad only appeared in this issue – it was not in Issue No 1043, nor in Issue No 1045.”
Well that may be what they said to you in 2004 but in 1992 their instructions to dealers (posted in full below) seem to me to be perfectly clear. They state:

"Lists to appear only once should be addressed to Bookdealer, PO Box 1082, Winscombe, Avon BS24 6BX to arrive first post Wednesday for inclusion in next week's issue."

There is no indication in the instructions that any other method of transmission is acceptable.

In early 1992, Martin Earl's advertisements in Book and Magazine Collector and his entries in Bookdealer contain two telephone numbers but no fax number (which is not to say he didn't have one). Given the relatively poor quality of fax transmissions that I remember in the early 1990s, I would have thought that, for the purposes of accuracy, most dealers would have wanted to post their lists in hard copy format. Perhaps emergency late requests were accepted by fax but there is nothing to indicate that this is the case in the instructions, as you can see.

One other thing about Bookdealer's instructions is that it is stated that lists were printed in the next issue "Strictly in the order received". In the 19th March 1992 issue, the lists for 'Books Wanted' commenced on page 9 and concluded on page 156. Martin Earl's list featured on page 69.
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