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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
Im a little confused over the issue here Fish. Surely we have to accept that when we talk or read about a murder or even listen to someone speak about one (and the method used was a knife to the front part of the neck) people almost invariably use the phrase ‘throat-cutting or a cut throat.’ The phrase ‘a cut neck’ sounds so clumsy and inappropriate (unless, of course, the cuts had only been made to the back of the neck. Its a bit like a back-stabbing being described as being ‘stabbed in the torso.’ Literally correct but unspecific and potentially misleading.
To be fair, I am not the best judge of that. I am not a brit. That is why I check via Google to see what phraseology is used out there. And it turns out that cutting necks is something that is prevalent enough, just as cutting throats are.

But to be perfectly honest, it is a quasi-debate. It does not matter one iot if people normally use the phrase "cut the throat", since we know full well that f ex Bond spoke about cutting the neck.

It may well be that this was led on by pure necessity, since saying that the throat was cut would not cover the full extent of the damage done. The whole of the neck was cut, right down to the bone.

I regard the effort to paint me out as a villain who deviously mislead people since I use - and always have used - the phrase "cut the neck" as totally unfair and misleading. I used that phrase long before I took an interest in the Torso murders and started to believe in a common killer, as was effectively shown by the examples I posted yesterday.

At that stage, the harm was already done - it was said or hinted at that I only spoke about necks in order to con readers into accepting my view of the originator of the murders.

It is evident that the phrase I use is used by others too, Bond included, and I reserve myself the right to use it fortwith, not least since I find it gives a fuller and better representation of what happened.

And regardless of which expression we use, the fact remains that the torso victims had the soft parts of their necks cut through wth a knife - as did the Rippers victims.

Maybe we should concentrate on that instead of creating a quasi-debate that throws our focus in the wrong direction?

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