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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
Gareth, googling on, I tried the two phrases:

"suffered a cut to the neck"


"suffered a cut to the throat"

It ended up 23200 to 11600 in favour of the neck.

There seems to be a serious lack of language understanding out there.
Im a little confused over the issue here Fish. Surely we have to accept that when we talk or read about a murder or even listen to someone speak about one (and the method used was a knife to the front part of the neck) people almost invariably use the phrase ‘throat-cutting or a cut throat.’ The phrase ‘a cut neck’ sounds so clumsy and inappropriate (unless, of course, the cuts had only been made to the back of the neck.) Its a bit like a back-stabbing being described as being ‘stabbed in the torso.’ Literally correct but unspecific and potentially misleading.


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