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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
Yes there is.
Yes there is.
I have always read it that a mid line incision through skin and tissue was made and the sternum was opened up down the centre. The trunk was divided in two through the vertebra at shoulder blade level or thereabouts and the heart and lungs removed from the upper trunk section. What makes me think that the abdominal flaps highest point was just above the navel is that the division of the pelvis through the spine took place between the third and fourth lumbar vertebra, which is on a similar level to the navel at the front and the top of the uterus would be at around the height of the navel at around 24 weeks pregnant. Hebbert also mentions the upper part of the abdomen in conjunction with the lower portion of the trunk.

There seems to be a point of correspondence there that makes sense. If Elizabeth was much further along the height of the uterus could be well above the navel and so in that case the top of the two flaps (already divided by a mid line cut) could have commenced higher but I'm not convinced of that myself and I don't see what difference it makes other than it makes for a closer comparison to Kelly,I don't think a motive can clearly be stated for removal of the flaps of skin from Elizabeth's abdomen and that includes certainty the flaps were removed to facilitate removal of the foetus for practicality when dividing the body. I don't see why removal of the flaps to access the uterus has to be viewed as solely for practical reasons, regardless of the size and shape of those flaps.
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