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It is funny how unsubstantiated rumours, such as the one below, can gain credibility in a climate of suspicion such as the one generated by the A6 Murder.

Originally Posted by Limehouse View Post
I've just been checking out Jean Justice's book again and came across a reference that I have been looking for for months!

Hanratty described to police a man he had sat near to on the train on the way to Liverpool. He described the man in detail - right down to his smart cuflinks.

Whilst in prison after his conviction and awaiting his appeal - Hanratty wrote to his mother and mentioned he had had a letter from the man confirming that he had indeed travelled to Liverpool on that day and remembered Hanratty.

An appeal must have gone out for this man in order for him to have written to Hanratty. I wonder what happened to this letter and whether it was followed up?
In fact, the plea for the gent with gold cufflinks made the front pages of most if not all of the nationals in the immediate aftermath of the trial and the phone number of Kleinman was given, below is from the Express of Monday 19th Feb.

The recollection of this gent by Hanratty seems very clear and precise, yet Foot and Woffinden ask us to accept that Hanratty was capable of giving a description of a fellow passenger but when it came to describing the room in which he slept, Hanratty omitted to mention that his room had a bath in it.

Also, Ingledene was almost directly opposite the Windsor pub, which would seem to have provided b&b accommodation. Joe Sayle was sent from the Windsor, which was full, to Ingledene in which he was given the single room, No. 4. That is the one that Mrs Jones thought that Hanratty had occupied.

Would Hanratty not likewise have tried the Windsor? And even if he didn't, would he not have noticed it over a two day period?
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