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Originally Posted by Natalie Severn
If he was inventing all this he was taking amazing risks while he was on trial for his life!

Caz said: Well, Nats, if he was guilty, he was rather obliged to invent something while on trial for his life! He had already taken the most amazing risk after committing the crime itself, by leaving the scene without checking if Valerie could still be alive.[/QUOTE]

My point Caz, was that it was a hell of a big risk at that moment in time, if Hanratty simply made the whole story up about Ingledene after what had happened over the Liverpool alibi.If any one of the following statements he made and which were taken down in note form by Kleinman immediately,were invention, he would have risked totally destroying his Rhyl alibi and he did not.Everything he said when describing the house and the road it was in from a distance of six months was accurate.
Viz:He stayed in a boarding house for two nights
1]The boarding house backed onto the station[ /]
2]It was terraced with no front garden [/]
3]He paid twenty five shillings for the two night stay[/]
4]The landlady was about 50 [she was 58 but looked younger]
5]There was a picture house on the main road going towards a concrete bridge [humped backed with a rail[/]
6]There were two tables in the back where I had breakfast
7] There was a green bath in the attic
Best Norma

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