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I'm just wondering if there may have been some confusion between the "Poor Jews' Home" and the "Poor Jews' Temporary Shelter" in Leman Street
I had a look at Gun Street in 1881 and there is only one lodging house listed as such at Nos 50 to 53 but the listing of lodgers showed a small minority of Jewish persons but the overwhelming majority were not
Of course this was 7 years before the murders and things might have changed

Here's a link to an image of the relevant notebook:

This is from a walk with Sergeant French dated 17 March [1898]. I suppose the Jewish population in this area would have been much larger than in 1881, particularly after the big influx of Jewish immigrants in the early 1880s.

This coloured map showing the Jewish population of East London in 1899 appears to indicate the north-west section of Gun Street was between 50% and 75% Jewish:
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