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Default A Jewish common lodging house

I have been looking at "Jack the Ripper and the East End", the book written to accompany the Docklands Exhibition. Like others, I have found it disappointing.

But I did notice one thing I thought was interesting in the chapter on "Mapping the East End Labyrinth" by Laura Vaughan. It's an extract from one of the Booth notebooks (p. 233):

West along Brushfield St. North up Gun St. Very rough. Mixture of dwelling houses & factories. 3 st[orey] & attic houses. A Jewish common lodging at the N.W. end. Where the Jew thieves congregate. It is called 'the poor Jews home' on the board outside.

Probably it's just my ignorance, but I don't think I've heard of a Jewish common lodging house before. Does anyone know whether there were others?
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