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Originally Posted by Kattrup View Post
Thank you, Sepiae, very interesting.

According to your theory, the killer changed from stabbing the heart to strangulation/cut throat.

I would suggest he might have done this because of the difficulty in stabbing a standing, conscious individual directly in the heart.

The later victims were not likely to lie down, so I think he would have realized this difficulty.

Hi Kattrup,

wow, you're quick. Thank you

Yes, that's indeed a thought I also had. Him bringing the large blade for the specific purpose of stabbing the heart, the need to drive it through bone still presenting a challenge, and effort.
I have no troubles at all imagining him seeing another knife later that, perhaps first on the more instinctive level, actually incites the idea of throat-cutting in him.

I have a similar idea like yours also in regards of the perp having not strangled Catherine Eddowes:
strangling costs more effort and time than the movies will have us believe;
it also involves the victim fighting back, e.g. kicking you in the groin.
it's energy- and time-consuming, it's an inconvenience on the way to what is the real priority.
hence he might be trying without the strangling (alternatively something just went wrong)
- and it is a sufficient explanation for the difference in the cuts to Kate's throat, compared with Polly and Annie.

With Tabram it's the very presence of that large blade in the 1st place that intrigues.
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