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Default The Tell-Tale Blade - Thoughts on the Knives Used on Martha Tabram

Hello everybody,

I've reached a careful conclusion (o-oh) about what happened to Martha Tabram, meaning how it happened.
The write-down of this resulted in 4 pages, so I'm rather attaching it.

In a nutshell, I'm arguing, that while the use of 2 blades is frequently seen as one argument against the murderer of Tabram as having been the same perpetrator who later murdered Nichols, Chapman, Eddowes and Kelly, it is in fact the very presence of the larger of the blades, which was used to stab her in the heart, that, because it was brought along with the smaller one, may very well imply not only clear premeditation but also that we might be dealing with the same man.

I'd be very grateful for thoughts and/or rebuttals.

Have a great weekend
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