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Originally Posted by Robert St Devil View Post
I posted that The Star had a slant against George Hutchinson in favor of Mary Cox's suspect. I would need the full newspapers to verify 100% but I don't see similar discrediting coming from The Times, Daily Telegraph or Morning Advertiser in the days after he came forward.
Hi Robert.

I'm not sure if you are aware but the Star was a new paper in 1888, they were known to make controversial claims in order to sell copy. They needed their paper to make money right out of the gate, so to speak.
Their contemporaries (Times, Telegraph, etc.) looked on this new upstart as notorious and unreliable as regards to accuracy in their reporting.
John Pizer threatened to sue the Star over their exaggerated claims that he was Leather Apron. The Star settled out of court.

With respect to this issue of "discrediting" Hutchinson by the Star, we see more of the same cavalier approach towards the truth.
What had transpired was that as a result of Hutchinson's appearance on Monday night following the inquest, this new suspect - Astrachan, was immediately vaulted up to being suspect No. 1. This was reported as such on the morning of the 13th, the day following his interview with police.

Also on the 13th, in the evening edition of the Echo, they report that Hutchinson's statement is now of seemingly of "reduced importance", without providing any reason why.

The next day, on the evening of the 14th, the Echo report that the police are making this statement the subject of careful inquiry.
However, in contradiction to this the Star of the 14th report that the story by Hutchinson "is now discredited".
The story can't be discredited, if they are still making it the subject of careful inquiry .

Then on the 16th the Evening News & the Star both report that one Met. constable was not looking for the Cox suspect, but "someone of a very different appearance" - presumably alluding to Hutchinson's suspect - Astrachan.

Then on the 19th, the Echo report that the police "have not relaxed their endeavours" to hunt down the murderer - though they are now divided between looking for both Blotchy & Astrachan.

From this sequence of events it can be seen that the controversial claim by the Star on the 14th was another exaggeration.
That Hutchinson had suddenly been elevated to a star witness, only to be downgraded to being of parallel importance with Cox. That the police are pursuing two equally important suspects. Hutchinson had not been discredited at all, the police were still pursuing Hutchinson's suspect four days later, on the 19th.
Regards, Jon S.

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