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Originally Posted by Michael W Richards View Post
GH's statement itself gives us reason to question his story, because if he had a relationship with the woman he wouldn't have waited 4 full days and until after the end of the Inquest to come forward. If the glorious descriptive elements of his story weren't enough. And the fact that the press reports that Wednesday that his story is discredited.

I wonder if the Inquest had lasted a few days when he might have come in.
Hi Michael. After following this thread, I'm not convinced George was acting deceptively, but I get the suspicion around his "4-day wait".

>I wonder if it was the police action in the wake of his statement that is partly behind this suspicion:
Morning Advertiser, 13 Nov 1888
The police apparently attach some importance to the man's story, and the statement was forwarded to the headquarters of the H division by a special detective.

IOW, George had no clue that his statement was going to make the evening news or get him an interview with Abberline. He probably didn't know where his info was going to fit in with the police investigation; it just so happened the police attached some importance to his statement and forwarded it up the chain, making his name forever more part of Ripperology.
I posted that The Star had a slant against George Hutchinson in favor of Mary Cox's suspect. I would need the full newspapers to verify 100% but I don't see similar discrediting coming from The Times, Daily Telegraph or Morning Advertiser in the days after he came forward.

>As for the inquest, he narrowly missed having to attend a 2nd inquest:
The Star, 14 Nov 1888
A second inquest would have been held on Kelly's body had it been removed into the Whitechapel district for burial. But the double inquiry has been averted by the action of Mr. H. Wilton, parish clerk and keeper of the Shoreditch mortuary. He has undertaken to inter the body at his own expense, assisted by contributions which may be received, and yesterday he obtained from the coroner's officer an order to prepare a coffin.
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