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David Orsam: ME: "Leaving aside that the Daily News report could well be nothing more than the reporter's own interpretation of the Q&A sequence that I set out earlier, what it says is entirely consistent with what I have been saying".

YOU: "No, it is not. It states very clearly that Llewellyn was waken up at around four in the morning by Thain. Any other "interpretation" is a distortion of the facts."

No, it doesn't say "around four" so that's your first fail. It says "about four". A very subtle difference but let's stick with the actual wording.

Eh - what is the actual "subtle difference" but for the spelling...?

That could very easily have meant ten minutes to four. The only reason I've suggested closer to 3:55 is because of Dr Llwellyn's statement of 31 August.

No, David, that could not very easily have meant ten minutes to four. The doctor was testifying in a murder inquest, and he would be anxious not to be too inexact.

So the evidence in the Daily News of him being called up at about four is perfectly consistent with him arriving at Bucks Row at either 4am or, alternatively, 4:05, giving him up to 15 minutes to get dressed and walk round there.

In your world only. With the champagne. In my world, it is desert time for you again. He was knocked up, undressed and in bed, at around four o´clock by Thain. That means that he was not in Bucks Row simultaneously or five minutes earlier. That only hapens in your parallel universe.
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