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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
Now, David, have I been nice to you since I did not run away, or have I been a naughty boy since I said I did not wish to discuss with you any more - and still did so? I find it increasingly hard to keep track of. Any which way, I really mean it when I say that I do not feel like discussing any further with you.
If you can bring yourself to realize that this is on account of how I think you are not a very qualitative debater, instead of any fear for you, I would be most grateful.
The delicious irony here is that while saying that you have not run away you then set the scene up for you to run away!

Just to repeat that I don't care whether you run away or not, or whether you post or not, so saying that you have been "nice" to me is a mistake.

What I don't understand is why you keep making these type of "drama queen" posts - especially when you don't usually stick with what you are saying.

And, by the way, I didn't miss the insult of you calling me "not a very qualitative debater" but I personally think the opposite is true and that you are very happy to debate all day long with people who you think you can easily show to be wrong but you don't like discussing with me because you never get anywhere.
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