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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
I'm not sure, there's an error somewhere.
Maxwell seeing another woman she thought was Kelly seems to be the path of least resistance.
Do you have a better solution?
And M.Lewis's story didn't take place in the Court, but at the Britannia. So Lewis did not see Kelly come & go from the court, as was first reported.
Maxwell gavea press interview on the afternoon of the 9th saying she believed Kelly was "of Limerick" so that pretty much rules out wrong person too .
Doesn't matter much where Lewis saw her that day really , because we can assume he played pitch n toss in the court on a regular basis if it was a safe location , then its safe to assume that he'd recognise court residents who would come and go.
He saw her Thursday night with Dan and Julia.
Joe Barnett corroborated this when he said that her brother was due to meet her that night.
It follows that if Lewis was correct about his ID on Thursday night , he was also correct on Friday morning .
Yes there are other options to consider
One is obvious if you think of Julia and the Kennedy statement if true ....
The other I'm not going into right now but yep there are options
You can lead a horse to water.....
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