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Pierre - to develop your hypotheses further with regard to Prater...

"Hypotheses for this:

1. Prater was scared after the murder of Kelly and wanted everybody to believe she had a man there to protect her if the murder would aim at her or come back."

Likelihood - quite high I would have thought. She might not know this but if JTR knew her name and location then he knew her circumstances and would not have been put off by the statement.

"2. Prater was actually waiting for a client but didn't want to say that."

Likelihood - again quite high. Further possibility - the client/visitor was actually JTR but he arrived too late.

"3. The man didnīt show up so he wasnīt interested in her (anymore)."

See 2

"4. The source isn't reliable."

Prater stated this under oath at the inquest. She may have lied (and she did not say this in her statement to Police apparently).

"Perhaps you can come to think of more hypotheses."

a) JTR was put off for a time by the presence of Hutchinson.
b) JTR was in the lodging house and didn't want to pass Hutch.
c) Prater wasn't an intended victim.

About the barricading of the door: if there had been any other serious obstacles on the way to her room she wouldnīt have needed to barricade the door.

Response - I'm not so sure - in her position I would have made doubly sure no one could gain entry.
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