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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Hi el
While I think that he did want the remains found or seen, I think there is more going on here.. like he wanted to distribute widely and or the places he left them had meaning him to him.

I mean why throw some of Jacksonís parts in the river but leave her body in the Park?

Why throw a thigh into the Shelley estate?

Go through the risk and trouble of carrying a torso in the basement of a currently constructed building?

Why take the risk and trouble of taking a torso halfway across town to then dump on the street?

Why not just dump everything in the river?

Why not attempt some kind of concealment for the parts left on land.

Like I said there is special meaning for the killer here, not just hoping they are found or seen.

And trying to argue he was just dumping to get rid of , or hide is IMHO one of the weakest arguments Iíve seen.
Itís getting to the point where Iím starting to think people are being purposefully obtuse for some reason on this particular matter.

You donít think ripper and torso man were the same? Fine. Iím not totally convinced either. Admitting torsoman had something more going on than just dumping bodies to get rid of isnít mutually exclusive of them being the same person. It doesnt really hurt the argument that they were different people.

I mean when someone as objective and respected as Debra even says that the thigh being thrown into the Shelly estate rather than tossed into the river with the rest shows it had special attention, well cmon .

Hi Abby
I for one hold Debra in very high regard. However that does not mean I always defer to her view, however as one of, if not the leading expert on the Torsos her view needs to be seriously considered.

To just say that the argument, that dumping was purely to get rid iS weak, is in itself weak.

The problem is that the sources are limited and much is down to personal interpretation.

Jerry Dunlop has a very interest thread over on JtR forums at present looking at a witness to the Whitehall case, whom lived on a route which is very interesting shall we say. Have you seen it?

And no it does not hurt the debate that they were different persons, however that is no reason to buy into Christer's idea of floating down the river to gain a large audience. To quote you, "c'mon" that didn't happen, as most were found probably close to the point of disposal.

All the best as always

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