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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
like he wanted to distribute widely and or the places he left them had meaning him to him.
Like that time he had a wank on the Chelsea Embankment?
I mean why throw some of Jacksonís parts in the river but leave her body in the Park?
to make it more difficult to put the pieces together

Go through the risk and trouble of carrying a torso in the basement of a currently constructed building?
Trying to find somewhere to hide it or atleast stash it for a few days until he finds a place to dump. There is a desperation in this case and the pinchin torso, clearly he needed to get rid of the torso as it's started to smell. Torsos are the hardest part to dump because they are heavy and big and it can't be packaged and walk-dumped the way other parts can. This should show how difficult it is to dispose of a body and how little options there are while working against the clock. To me it seems killer lives in close enough quarters to worry about smell.

Why take the risk and trouble of taking a torso halfway across town to then dump on the street?
You don't know where torso was before it was dumped......

Why not just dump everything in the river?
To make it more difficult, confuse police, if one is found the rest aren't necessarily. More obvious and difficult to dump larger pieces like a torso in the river? People might have been more aware of suspicious dumping around the river

Why not attempt some kind of concealment for the parts left on land.
Uh, what about the buried parts? Who were those for...the dog?

And trying to argue he was just dumping to get rid of , or hide is IMHO one of the weakest arguments Iíve seen.

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