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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
And we know that the Torso killer did leave body parts in public places, yes. As for creating shock and terror, I┤d say that floating a full, cut away face with the eyelashes intact down the river goes a long way in that particular line of business too.

Thanks for elaborating.
The major issue with your suggestion I see is that there is no guarantee the parts disposed of in the River would be found.

The Whitehall Torso also appears to have been placed so that it may not have been found and it appears to have been fortuitous that it was FOUND so relatively quiškly.

The Part thrown over into the Shelly garden could easily have been missed for sometime depending on where the part landed.

Only Pinchin Street shows a desire to allow the Body part to be easily seen and found.

Given the dates, this may have been someone celebrating the anniversary of Chapman, or someone trying to suggest a link.

Sorry but I see your argument that disposing of the parts by river to expose them to "Londoners" to at present be weak.

I said before I consider it a plausible suggestion and I still do just; however there seems little to support the idea given at this moment, other than your belief that this was the objective of the killer.

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