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Originally Posted by Stewart P Evans View Post
Patricia Cornwell (2002) - " I became interested in Jack the Ripper very accidentally. I was asked if I wanted to go to Scotland Yard, and I'd never been to Scotland Yard and one of my methods in my books is I always try to cover a branch of law enforcement that I have never exposed myself to. And Scotland Yard was one of those so went over and I met John Grieve and I was told that by the way he's a Ripper expert. And so he offered to take me on a retrospective visit of the crime scenes."

John Grieve (2002) - "People have talked about Walter Sickert since almost the time of the murders to such an extent that the catalogue of a recent exhibition about him saw it necessary to dismiss the suggestion that he was Jack the Ripper. But in considerable detail which is not something you normally find in an exhibition catalogue."

You are killing me here !

All this would certainly make for a very revealing, and entertaining book on 'A History of Ripper Writers and Research' and you wouldn't believe some of the material that I hold in my files. But it is not, and perhaps shouldn't be, for publication.
So, if I was to throw down an 'indecent proposal' type offer, you would still decline it?


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