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Originally Posted by BillyE View Post
Ripperologist great Martin Fido has backed off his "Nathan Kaminski" suspect name for the seemingly more palitable "David Cohen" because of pressure, I'm thinking, from his publisher.
Incorrect. Fido cites Adam Wood as the one who told him that Kaminsky was a "bridge too many". It was Martin Fido's publisher who in fact encouraged him to research the asylum records for Kosminski himself rather than just suggest that the records be searched, as was his intention in the original book pitch. (see rippercast's show @ 5min). It was then that he found Kaminsky, prior to finding Kominski, and almost too late to get the later into the book. I believe Fido still believes Kaminsky a good candidate for 'Leather Apron'.

What has been included or excluded in the new A-Z on this topic I do not know, but I might be able to ask him, since we're (spoiler) trying for the Begg/Fido show this weekend.

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