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Hello Stewart

I hope your speech goes well on Saturday, unfortunately I'm doing a motion Graphics course and will be unable to attend.

While what Machael says about you, AP and Martin is correct, there are also brilliant JtR minds that avoid casebook because of petty infighting and unjustified name calling (like: CornBall) that sometimes goes on..

If you will excuse the name dropping..I finally met your freind Don Rumblow on Tuesday (one of my all time Bally hero's) I was saddened by his comments at being unwilling to post on casebook because of precisely such things. That is a loss to us all...a bit less attack, more humility and generosity would do us all good..

Dan Norders comments seemed to me directed at Keith Skinner who we all know is one of the Greatest JtR researchers and currently working for Patricia.

Perhaps Dan Norder would like to make a public appology for his yes man statement?

Yours Jeff Leahy
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