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Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
The family I was talking about possibly related to Jacobs mother is Haskiel / Hyman Lisiak / Lewis who married Necha Lachman b 1860 Kolo. Poland.
(sorry It wasnt Lipsich)
in 1891 they were living in 5 Princes place Whitechapel as Hyman and Nelly Lewis and children. One who was name Kasriel (Jacobs fathers name)
Once there were some threads I found very interesting:

And I wonder whether the well-known Scotland Yard detective could have been Anderson:

We found our man. He was engaged in a large way of business in the city of London, was married, had a family, and was generally respected. For some time he had been known as eccentric, and various escapades had caused his friends a good deal of anxiety.

His family knew of the circumstances, knew that he was not only a madman, but a man possessed of considerable surgical knowledge, and with their full consent and the knowledge of the police he was put away in an asylum.

And there is Sagarīs statement: and after a time his friends thought it advisable to have him removed to a private asylum. It reminds me of his friends a good deal of anxiety.

I see in this a realistic chance that Sagar watched Kosminski.

One man created some stir during the last murders under circumstances which I need not say anything about. He is a curious sort of fellow, in business, but not doing much to keep it going. His wife and daughter see to it, and he is out at all hours of the night. He says he is a member of the Vigilance Committee, but I can't answer as to that. No, I won't tell you his name, even if you do want to find out if he is a member or not. This man is out at all hours of the night, and he lets himself in so quietly that his wife does not know at what time he really arrives home. She generally finds him in the shop when she comes down in the morning. He is being watched, but we can't arrest him only on the suspicions we have. We must await further developments."

It is not known that Aaron Kozminki was married.

The author is supposed to be nearly related to her/he lived some time ago with a woman, by whom he has been accused/ reported to the police by a woman who he has been living with and is at present under close surveillance/ he has fallen under the strong suspicion of his near relatives (see post 131)

But I think it is not impossible that Aaron Kozminski lived with a woman (not married) when the Whitechapel murders began in the autumn of 1888. This could have been a widow with an older daughter, possibly related to the Kozminski family. In such a case I can well imagine that this relationship ended after or shortly before the Double Event.

Cox: The murderer was a misogynist, who at some time or another had been wronged by a woman

Such a recent separation could explain the Double Event, the double murder.

On the other hand: was arrested on the strength of information given by his own sister

Quite possible that there were two women by whom he was accused, by his partner ("wife") in October 1888 and by his sister (see 22 November 1888).

I know it is too far- fetched but there are researcher like Pat who are able to find a such woman, a woman, a widow, with a daughter in the right age from the Kozminski family, a woman who ran a shop in Greenfield Street or in another street with tailors and capmaker.

I had always thought that Aaron Kozminski was never in a relationship, that he lived with his sisters or alone. But a short relationship with a woman, probably older than him, might be possible.

Sagar stated: made his way to Australia could imply that his partner (with her daughter) went abroad.

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