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I'm of the opinion that C4 and C5 may be connected by killers, that C3 doesn't belong at all, and C1 and C2 are the ones that constitute double murder by one man. I admit I like Isenchmidt for the first 2.

I suppose though that its fair to say possibly 4 killers, so I recall my response to your post. Yes, I believe 4 are possible.

I do know this....when motives are absent, one must strongly consider some mental aberration as the actual motive, but when relationships are severed just before the crime(s), infidelity is possibly discovered, spying is suspected, or dangerous threats of accusing a killer.. then absent motives may well just be undiscovered motives.

Why the murders happened, in terms of investigation, is far more important that what specifically happened in each individual case.
Ill just add this, a murder was committed a few years back within a few miles from my home, and the cause of the murder, according to him, was that the killer was made to feel inferior by the victim, and in a quick violent moment, a male teenager strangled the female teenager victim. He then cut the victim into pieces which he took away in 4 different directions to bury.

Was the killer a dismemberer? Yes. Did dismemberment have anything to do with the ultimate motive for the crime, no. The motive is why people kill.
What is done after that murder can be explained in many ways without assuming some deviant compulsion.
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