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Default Were Belle Elmore’s remains that proved she wasn’t related to her living relatives an

It’s a strange twist of fate that Belle Elmore’s remains were sent to Michigan University, the birth place of Hawley Harvey Crippen, for DNA investigation.
The filleted remains found in Hawley Crippen's coalhole were covered in lime, and buried in damp clay.
Inspector Walter Dew and Sergeant Mitchell dug up and about in the remains.
Dr. Marshall, the Divisional Surgeon, and Sir Melville Macnaghten, clutching several cigars, the chief of the Criminal Investigation Department, arrived at the burial site.
Five police officers removed the flesh from the grave.
July 13th, Police-constable Charles Fitts purchased a bottle of Neville’s disinfecting fluid; this was diluted with water and poured round the walls of the cellar; at that time the remains were still in the hole – common name carbonic acid or carbonate.
July 19th, Arthur Robinson, keeper of the Islington Mortuary Chapel, tossed carbolic powder on the remains in the shell (coffin) – not to be confused with carbonic acid.
Spilsury, Pepper, Wilcox, Marshall, Luff, Hayman, Turnbull and Wall, medical/scientific men, all handled the remains.
The skin was passed around the court in an uncovered soup bowl. Twelve good men probed the tissue with their bare hands.
Pine oil fixed the skin sample to glass slides.
Formaldehyde released the flesh from its antique base. A unique test was used after the first DNA extraction proved negative.
With that concoction of masculine professionalism the sample was open to contamination. No gloves, no white suits, no securing a murder site.
The DNA is as doubtful as the solicitor that represented the family, Giovanni Di Stefano. On 4th April 2014, eight and a half years were added to Giovanni Di Stefano’s fourteen-year sentence. The charges against Giovanni Di Stefano amounted to twenty-eight counts of fraud.
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