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. . . I know it was still a crime up to 1967 to indulge in consensual homosexual activity. That was my point. If there were no witnesses willing to testify, everyone involved would have walked unless they claimed one - Tumblety in this case - had forced his attentions on them sexually against their will. They were never going to admit to the crime of consensual activity, were they? I don't know if Tumblety committed these assaults against all four men against their will. Men, persons or boys? If they were all under thirteen it could not have been consensual, but if they were older it's at least possible. I don't even know if they were gay or straight. I was merely suggesting it seems to be a grey area.


It would be my assumption that the police then as later would have sought to monitor the sexual activity of a man such as Tumblety and catch him "in the act." I would think that was the case in London as also years later in Baltimore.

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