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Originally Posted by OneRound View Post
Glad everyone is convinced by that.

Having just looked at my post a couple of years back reflecting this speculation, I note other factors I included then were impaired ability to drive and lack of logical thought throughout the whole encounter.

As stated yesterday, just my thoughts and I'm certainly not going to die in a ditch over them. Not even the most likely reason in my own book for the kidnapper's actions but not something I feel should be totally excluded.

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Hhmmm. Also ,not to be totally excluded, given the something of a fog around Gregstens past.The apparent hopelessness of his mental condition. The famous Tavistock clinics inability to treat him and only when, the intense headaches and depression,were becoming so unbearable ,did he deny his religious teachings ,and seek out medical help)
Watford memorial hospital could not fare any better even after seeing him for a year.His own doctor simply prescribed tranquilizers.
According to Dr.John Sutherland,of the Tavistock Clinic,'Gregsten was worried about financial matters,and had a general feeling he ought to be dead.
Looks like someone else thought the same thing!
Could Gregsten have decided to take his health problem into his own hands ,but find himself in dire straights financially, because he was feeding a serious drug habit?
Doing the math, on the surface of things,money wise, he should have been better off than he was.
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