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Originally Posted by cobalt View Post
I have always assumed the murderer was smoking during the journey, hence the stop for cigarettes. Maybe I am wrong on this detail, but if he did then he would have had to remove his handkerchief while doing so, or lift it up at the very least.

There is an instinctive desire for us to assume the two unidentified prints belonged to the murderer. Perhaps they did. But the mundane reality is that they were just as likely to have come from innocent contact by a friend of the family that the police were not aware had been in the car, or even a car mechanic doing something like an MOT. I am sure many of us would have fingerprints in our car whose provenance we would struggle to explain.
I think it was pretty much accepted that the assailant did not care for smoking , and Storie has said ,'I lit two cigarettes, one for Mike and when asked if he wanted one, the man took the other,I don't know if he smoked it though'.This being the case, I struggle with why the killer would be so accommodating, and understanding of Gregstens smoking habit to stop specifically to buy cigs!

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