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Not been around much recently. holiday and sickness.

One of the problems with the "Experiment" suggested is that there are many like myself who do not believe the text has anything to do with the apron found close by, nor the Killer and thus nothing to do with the MURDERS.

Now others of course disagree on this, but no one has been able to provide direct evidence of a link in the past 128 years. There is much discussion over and over again on this issue, unfortunately a consensus has and probably never will be agreed.
Those who see the murders as planned certainly will always argue in favour, those like me who see them as random and unplanned will always on the whole argue against and probably the majority who are in neither camp will change their minds over a link every so often.

Craig, interesting point, however do we have a secondary confirmation for the lines you quote. I would like a contemporary Source/Reference for the information, did the author give one i have not read Harrison's book?

Having said it is interesting i still have to say I see little to link the writing to the killer.

Given that we have:

No 100% accurate report of the spelling.
No 100 accurate report of the text.
And actually no accurate report of the layout, there are several versions flying about as we are all aware.

The terms "neat" and "schoolboy hand" are based on reports given at the time agreed; but they are highly subjective being based on the interpretation of the person giving the report, those terms should not be taken as sacrosanct. my view of neat and good schoolboy hand writing maybe and probably are different to the next persons.

Pierre, not had a chance to say hello since your return, Open to thinking outside the box, you finished your 1st post by asking 2 questions:

"1. What would happen if we forget about the interpretation of this word as having anything to do with jews?"

well yes that has already been done several times, the obvious well know version being the Masonic theories, Craig has now also offered a second view. I therefore do not see, how by answering that question we can think outside the "BOX", many already do believe what you contemplate.

"2. What would happen if one uses a dictionary to try and understand the word?"

Has David said already this has been looked at, i have just done an online search again, I can find nothing other than references back to the murders of 1888. Am I missing something?

Can one ask what your researches into the word have revealed? what dictionary have you used?

All the best

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