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Originally Posted by Elamarna View Post
HI Gary,

John is i feel over the top in his view.

Lechmere is in my humble opinion a viable person for a suspect.

1.He lived in the area, during the entire period of the murders.
2.He discovered a body, at the very least, a few seconds before Paul also came across it.

However that is a different thing from saying that he is a likely killer. The evidence which would support this view is either incomplete or non existent.

And because of this neither can he be dismissed entirely.

exactly El. Although I would add he had a discrepancy with Mizen and he used a different name. both of course probably have an innocent explanation, but flags to me that even need to be explained away.

Im also probably a bit sympathetic to the "witness" suspects, as I favor hutch and also think these types need more looking into-like Richardson, bowyer, and possibly Barnett.
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