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Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
To have killed the gifted minstrel of our generation merits his inclusion. It still bothers me that he claimed he was influenced by Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye", a novel that is well written, but that I had to read twice for different grades in school, and one I ended up disliking before Lennon was killed. I wonder what Chapman would have thought had J.D. Salinger been shot and killed by some literary critic of his work, who boasted that now he was fully as famous as Salinger, and it took him less time to get the same fame. Chapman (if he really meant it about the effect of that novel on him) might have been wondering about the meaning of life after such an event. But I keep suspecting the love of that book was just for effect.

Anyone in New Zealand or Australia you can think of as "worthy" to add to the three I chose, GUT?

Martin Bryant.

Worst peace time mass killing, Port Arthur (which I love) in Tasmania.

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