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As regards Brady and Hindley it is a sobering thought that Lesley Ann Downey was murdered a little over a mile as the crow flies from the house I lived in back then (and left only comparatively recently). I was 8 and the tales that were told post trial by the kids locally about that crime in particular filled many of us with fear - I avoided Hattersley as far as I could for a long time. Still, I often wondered why my Mum wouldn't let me go anywhere even in my early teens.

Recalling the dates for the crimes - Pauline Reade (12th July 1963), John Kilbride (23rd November 1963), Keith Bennett (16th June 1964), Lesley Ann Downey (26th December 1964) and Edward Evans (6th October 1965) there seem to be long gaps with regard to the two Hattersley killings which might make you think there could be more than the 5 overall we know about (there's that number 5 again).

They moved to the area from Manchester and it's a fact that the outsiders have given my home town of Hyde (and also Hattersley) a very bad name - I'm referring here, in particular, to Brady, Hindley, Harold Shipman and Dale Cregan who all committed horrendous crimes in the Town but were aliens. Shipman was at one time in the same practice as my own Doctor and, yes, I had the misfortune to consult him and on at least one occasion he deputised for my own Doctor on a home visit. In the end he did the decent thing and saved us from years of keeping him (!), Brady had no such scruples. I'll stop there because I have only swear words and insults left at this moment.

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