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2. It is true that Kevin Whay, a director of Outhwaite & Litherland, has said of Barrett's account of purchasing the Victorian scrapbook in an O&L auction that, "we do not have never conducted our sales in the manner in which he describes". Unfortunately he did not explain what the problem with Barrett's account was. In his affidavit, Barrett says that after his winning bid, "I was given a ticket on which was marked the item number and the price I had bid. I then had to hand this ticket over to the Office and I paid 50. The ticket was stamped.....I then returned to the Auction Room with my stamped ticket and handed it over to an assistant, a young man, who gave me the Lot I had purchased." On this forum back in August, a poster, who was an antique dealer based in the north of England during the 1990s, and who said the method employed by the auction houses he attended during that time was nearly identical, confirmed that if you replace the word "ticket" with "receipt" in Barrett's affidavit then Barrett's account would be generally consistent with how auction houses worked at that time. So it is possible that Kevin Whay was misled by a poor choice of word by Mike Barrett.
I find it utterly risible to suggest that the director of an auction house didn't recognise a description of the auction process undertaken at his own business purely because Barrett used the word 'ticket' instead of 'receipt'.
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