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Yeah.....I forgot to mention the outstanding job Howard and Nina two are fast!!!!....
I am also surprised that the intersexed news never saw the light of be honest, when Mike told me the night he read it I didn't believe it...I even said..."that's not possible....with all the research done how could that have flown under the radar" but then I saw the documents myself....and as Mike said, there is a lot more, but we just weren't ready when we realized we had to do the Rippercast....I really want to thank Jonathan and Ally again....we knew we wanted Rippercast to be first, but damn, they really stepped up in our hour of need.....I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen, and especially those who weighed in on it...even those who disagree with me �� is for all of you we are doing this work for...and I look forward to (as I know Mike does) bringing more info out when it's ready, been checked, and double checked, as it's the truth I care about...not some "case closed" stuff...just the historical evidence on this person who is after all a fascinating and out of the "Ripper" discussion.

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