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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
It may be wise to look at what Caz has posted - that is, if you want to see the other side. If you donīt, then itīs little use.
See, Christer, and this is why arguing with you is quite like arguing with a Fundy. You are quite literally incapable of seeing the forest from the trees, or the log in your own eye, or all the other arboreal metaphoricals.

Saying that I interjected Lechmere in the thread is a bit rich too - my dealings with Caz have been about the carman entirely, more or less, and so that is what I have to go by when judging her qualifications.
You didn't need to judge her qualifications at all. It wasn't relevant to the thread. It wasn't needed. It was actually off-topic and a personal dig, that didn't add anything to the conversation. At all. But you saw an opportunity to jump in there with your suspect, and you took it. Which is basically, what everyone is saying. You just can't see that. Through the logs and the trees, and whatnot.

I had no wish to discuss him, and did not do so either.
Fundamentalists don't always have to discuss their Lord. They just always have to let you know he's foremost in their thoughts. Praise Cross!

When it comes to disrupting threads, by the way, who would have thought that this is a thread about whether posters with suspects can be trusted? It seems much more like a thread with the sole agenda of defaming me, at any cost.
You quite literally put yourself up as the poster child as the one who was not being trusted and you are wondering why people are questioning your actions or criticizing them? You posted a thread that quite literally demanded to have your actions examined and are angry that people have? Really? .... I mean... Really? Don't ask for people's honest opinions on a public forum if you don't really want to hear them. It's generally not wise.

And how is it defaming you, to quite literally post your exact words? If you consider it defaming to post your exact words, choose your words more carefully in the future.

Let all Oz be agreed;
I'm Wicked through and through.
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