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Default Harding Davis's comment about the Texas Police Chief

Looking again at the Pall Mall Gazette reprint of the Richard Harding Davis article on his trip to the Whitechapel area with Detective Moore, I noticed something I overlooked yesterday. Moore tells Davis that he had a visit from the Chief of Police from Austin, Texas, whom he also took with him to see Whitechapel. If you recall, that town (Austin) was the scene of it's own Ripper-style series of murders in 1885, and it would attract the attention (sooner or later) of the local Chief of Police to compare notes with the Detective handling the Whitechapel Murders investigation.

Also, this reprint is from W. T. Stead's "Pall Mall Gazette". Stead certainly was deeply interested in the Whitechapel Murders, and was impressed by the views of occasional writer D'Onston Stevenson.
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