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Default Bucks Row Project part 2 post 12a - Walker, Nichols, Monk, Eade & Holland

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I have combined a group of witnesses here, while their testimony gives background on the events in Bucks Row that night, it gives little in the way of evidence to what occurred,

Walker, Nichols and Monk therefore are included but no assessment is made of their testimony given that such does not directly relate to Bucks Row on the 31st. They are included for completeness of the records

Eade’s account while initially of some interest, appears to be explained away by the Police, at least to the satisfaction of Mr Baxter,

This leaves us with Holland or as some report Oram.

Her testimony allows us to at least draw a possible view of Nichols some 60-105 minutes before she is found dead. (most reports say 2.30, but report 8 says 2am )

Reports 6-10 state she was drunk and alone, she had spent her doss money several times over, would not go with Holland and would continue to search for money to pay for her bed.
Holland of course says she has no idea how Nichols gets money.

The meeting occurred at corner of Osborne Street and Whitechapel Road, according to report 8 the exchange took some 7-8 minutes, this may not be reliable given the report is the only one to give the time of the meeting as 2 rather than 2.30. at best I suggest it points to the meeting being more than just a brief exchange.
After which Nichols continued on along Whitechapel Road, and that is all.
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