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Originally Posted by Whitechapel View Post
Thanks for your interest.

Bernard Beaule addressed some of the issues against Tumblety being JTR at the Baltimore Conference.

On his height most witnesses describe a man of about 35-36 5 foot 6 inches and one said he had a deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes ?)

Beaule addresses this by saying he could have been viewed at a distance or disguised his height. Tumblety was ostentatious in America, but did he dress down in Britain ?

On homosexuality being a barrier he says this:

"Although quite rare, homosexual serials preferring women as victims is a known fact, Edward Theodore Gein probably being the most monstrous of all. Some serial killers were bisexual such as Albert Howard Fish, Henry Lee Lucas and Marc Dutroux which allows us to accept the hypothesis that a homosexual such as Tumblety could have murdered women regardless of his sexual orientation"

The idea of Tumblety contracting out is attractive but who would he have got to do it ? The Star made it a high profile case and if you were caught you would most certainly have been hanged.

However if Tumblety was the Euston medical man, he had a cast iron alibi that liberated him and the police were watching him too. If that was the case to be involved he would have had to contract out.

It is an intriguing case but it would help if we knew what Tumblety was doing on October when the pattern broke and what he was doing in Birminghan. The missing Scotland yard file would shed light on his activities and what a find that would be if it resurfaced. But like most new discoveries there would be more questions than answers.
Ive always thought that if Tumblety was involved he found someone to do his dirty work. And that person being Chapman.

perhaps they met because they were both "doctors". I could see Tumblety meeting Chapman this way and asking how he could obtail female organ "specimins" having failed to get them by inquiring at the medical schools (the coronor story), and saying he would pay nicely for them. and chapman takes matters into his own hands.

i know it sounds crazy but could explain alot. and as I said abberline had a similar theory.
"Is all that we see or seem
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"...the man and the peaked cap he is said to have worn
quite tallies with the descriptions I got of him."

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