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There is a long section of Acott’s interview with Gladys Alphon on Page 414 of Woffinden, although this was on 13-Sep – not 22-Sep.

Of course by then she was having to think back a few weeks - whereas when Alphon was first interviewed on 27th August, and said he had met his mother at 9.30pm on the 22nd, he only had to think back a few days.

I think that Gladys did give a vague reply, because of what Acott said when he interviewed Alphon.

Acott: “Can you think of anybody who can verify your statement?”

Alphon: “Only my mother. I met her at about 9pm at Streatham that night.”

Acott: “I’ve seen your mother, she’s not certain of the day.”

Alphon: “No, she’s got a very poor memory, but I saw her several times about then to get money from her and I cashed a few cheques but I can’t remember the days.”

Acott: Can you give me details of the cheques so that I might verify the dates?”

Alphon: “Well, there’s a difficulty there - we use different names ... it’s a personal matter, it’s got something to do with an annuity.”

Incidentally, this last thing Alphon said may explain the money that came into his bank account that he showed Foot. Not only income from the annuity itself, but perhaps also the result of shuffling amounts between various accounts.
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